Wayne Thiebaud Lesson for Elementary Schoolers

As part of the integration into art history and pop art, have your students look at some original Wayne Thiebaud art.  Ask questions like ‘what are these paintings of?’ and ‘are these everyday items?’

thiebaud1 thiebaud2 thiebaud3 thiebaud4

Here I have two examples of Wayne Thiebaud projects along with their original websites that I found the ideas on.  The first one is a value study with soft pastels on black paper.  The second is a large cupcake with the base painted and then the top created out of ripped paper.  Both use different motor skills and can be used and modified to accommodate different grade levels.  However, the art history tie-in remains the same.


The third example that I have here is a tie in with geometry where students use geometrical shapes to create the visuals for the sweets that they are creating.





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