Mondrian Lesson for Elementary Schoolers

With Piet Mondrian’s compositions in red, yellow, and blue, he is the perfect artist to be able to tie art history and primary colours together.  Before doing the project, show the students one or two of Mondrian’s original compositions.


Then, there are three ideas for projects here, all covering the primary colours and Mondrian’s paintings.  There are couple varieties that could help plan for different classes and different levels of students or grade levels.  For these projects, there is a very easy geometry or math integration.  The first two ideas here are using different motor skills.  The first uses cutting and gluing and the second uses colouring and drawing.  They, in essence, are the same project.  The third idea here is to create 3 Mondrian squares of different sizes and put them together to create a Piet Mondrian snowman.  This final project also gives the students the chance to learn about foreground and background in a piece of artwork.

mondrian1 mondrian2 mondrian3


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