Picasso Lesson for Elementary Schoolers

Pablo Picasso, beginning in 1907, started his Cubist painting.  This being the style that Picasso is best known for, it would make a good art history lesson.

picasso3 picasso4 picasso5 picasso6

At the beginning of class, show the students images of Picasso’s cubist faces and ask them what they think.  Then there are two projects that can be done with this lesson, so it would be a possibility to let students pick or to split this lesson up into two days.  It can be altered to fit most levels of elementary.



Both outlines of the faces are printables.  The big difference through these projects is grade level.  The first project I have pictured would be for younger children because the body parts that are going to be glued on are already cut out and printed.  The second project I have pictured here would be for an upper elementary student where they have to cut out the eyes and mouth out of a magazine, so they have a little bit more control over what the final project will turn out to be.  Another possibility to alter this project for different grade levels would be to have the students draw their own outlines of the face.  After the eyes, nose, mouth, ears are glued on, there is always the option to colour or paint the project to mimic the colours of Picasso.  Here are the original websites with these two projects posted on them.  The second website is in French, but they still have the printable on the website.




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