Art Dog-Lesson Plan

Art Dog-by Thatcher Hurd


This book is a fantastic resource to use in an elementary school classroom.  I designed my lesson plan here around a second grade curriculum using the Standards of Learning for Virginia for second grade students in the visual arts.

After reading the book to the class, discuss the artists mentioned in the book with their real life counterparts:

Vincent Van Dog- Vincent Van Gogh

Pablo Poodle-Pablo Picasso

Leonardo Dog Vinci-Leonardo da Vinci

Henri Muttisse- Henri Matisse

Next, show the original works of art that are mentioned in the book including the Mona Lisa, Van /
Gogh’s self-portrait, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and American Gothic.

With these original artworks and select others from the artists mentioned, be able to complete SOL 2.15 which states that “The student will categorize works of art by subject matter, including the genres of portrait, landscape, and still life.”

We will talk about different jobs in the museum and how they are all important to the works of art completing SOL 2.14 which states that “The student will recognize careers related to the art media used in instruction.”

Discuss museums.  Is it good or not good to have art in public?  Is graffiti public art like art in museums? How are they similar and how are they different? SOL 2.19 “The student will identify public art and its value to the community.”

Show examples of graffiti and murals. Discuss.


Have the students create their own design for a mural or graffiti piece they would want to put on a wall in their hometown.

Have the students design their own super-hero car like the brush mobile.  Encourage creativity.  What would their superhero name be and how does the car relate to their name?  Do this in clay and model magic to complete SOL 2.10 “The student will create three-dimensional works of art using a variety of materials to include clay.”


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